Question about the film with Holly Bower

I would love to link to your film from my blog, Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea blog. It's as blog about daily life at the famed hotel. Can you tell me more about Holly and the events surrounding the shooting? My e-mail address is chelblog@yahoo.com
Debbie Martin

Hi Debbie out there in America,

I was in New York in early 1990´s with the group of Finnish cultural administrators. We visted museums, Carnegie Gall, Lincoln Center, Martha Graham Dance School... After some days I got enough and wanted to escape. So I took a taxi to Chelsea Hotel. I met photographer Holly Bower in Chelsea Hotels downstair restaurant El Quijote. She invited me to her apartment where we had good time. I suppose that meeting Holly was the best part of that trip.

I have been in NYC many times after that but have never tried to meet her again. I´m wondering what she is doing nowadays. Maybe I should try to find it out...

Cheers form Helsinki, Finland where birds came early this spring!

seppo korpipää

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