Last Winter Day

It´s the last winter day in Helsinki. Spring is already making the nature and citizens of this small town crazy. Name of the game is again the cry for love.

Babies born, old men dies, Clover TV tells you the summer lies!

Purple haze from St.Petersburg area is gone for a while. But it can be back any moment. This is the fastest growing economic area in Europe. Gulf of Finland is the most polluted sea area in world. And air is becoming more toxic year after year. Hospitals are filled in the spring time with people who just can´t breathe anymore.

Trees, brilliant trees are naked. But soon all is green. And green is the colour of summer and poison.

I'm waiting patiently for the birds to come with this loonie crowd which is spending the lazy sunny saturday afternoon in Vanhankaupunginlahti area in north Helsinki.

When nature is still naked the skeletons of the trees are so sad, so lonely. But the sun is here and thank God for that climate change: it is here to stay!

In this swamp you can be drowned easily if you´re not careful. This is the desert part of Helsinki where I am trying to see the birds. I see only one old crow. Where are the big ones? Are they still waiting somewhere in Denmark?

Shadows of the staff of the Masters of Universe Ltd.

It´s not easy on this camera line of work. But it´s the good excuse for the great escape to some forgotten restaurant to have a beer or two and fucking fantastic ideas. Today I created new theory of the structure of the universe. It´s kind of kaleidoscope thing, if you know what i mean...

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