Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Helsinki

This is fucking me with nothing to lose. This is my city, this is my neighbourhood, this is my life...

Helsinki is the city of good music. International artists all over the world are performing here. It may cost you but you will never regret the money spent!

Hakaniemi market square on Saturday 18th march 2007 at 1 o´clock p.m. Here in Helsinki you can enjoy the warmness of crowds and wheather. This is the New Neverland where action is hotter than in Las Vegas and other desperate places for poor bastards with too much money and nothing else to do than kill themselves in a way or another.

Birds game early this year. Anyway it´s too late for me. Helsinki tube is taking me deeper underground, under surface. It may take me straight to another galaxy... Thank God I can swim. At least I could. Can´t be sure for anything on these days. They promised us the global warming. Helsinki is going to be the Cannes during summetime and St. Moritz on wintertime, they say. Or it will be seven meters under the sea, other ones are warning. Can´t help it, it´s not my fault. Blame the God, Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, Greenpeace, bad luck...

You can hear the oriental beat in the gasoline alleys of the poor side of town where I´m building my business empire. Helsinki is the city of business; hear you can smell money and crime in every corner of the downtown. Clever ones like me are hiding on the poor side of town where beer and girls are cheaper.

In this Sin City meat is the murder. Piece of meat has killed too many native sons and girls of this faraway city, if ya know what I mean.

In the backstreets of Helsinki you can fuck, you can suck as much as you want. Helsinki is the place for hardcore sex and cage girls and boys. Get you dick and pussy ready for the hot stuff! Flesh for fantasy!

On Broadway they are showing musicals of the rich and famous for the rich and famous.

Boulevard of False Memories is empty like the box of hopes and dreams in my head.

Finland is ready for the Election day. We all love our unique democratic rights which they don´t have elsewhere in places like India, America or Amsterdam.

On 3th street they gunned me down in 2011, but of course I don´t know that yet when I´m going to old restaurant Oiva to pay the tip I owe to doorman.

I´m gonna clear my head and leave the needle parks of central Helsinki. I´m gonna build a heaven on the ground. I´m gonna make a brand new start. (Once again, all over again.)

Shiny happy people of Helsinki are always dancing in the streets because they surely know that thinking is for the birds! This one here is my bird.

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