Like A Rolling Stone

Hi Apila....

Sorry you broke your ankle -- this takes time to heal I understand. Are you
wearing an ankle brace?

The housing mess effects everyone. Stock market is the lowest it's been in
years. (Yes,I have investments.) Dollar is as low as I can remember in my life time.
Good for Exports but for everything else, no good. Presidential election getting as nasty as one might expect. All in all I would have to say that I have never seen the USA in such a mess, both spiritually and financially.

Don't possibly know what a new president can do. The greedy banks/lenders
hoodwinked poor people who knew no better. Howinhell do you offer a mortgage for a
$350,000 home to a poor slob who is only making $30,000?

".... last escape out from this boring welfare state emptiness."
What do you mean by this? Please explain!

No, I've never been to Mexico. A girlfriend and I were going to go when I
lived in LA, but some folks said it would be too dangerous for two women alone. So be it.

I am not ready to move from Asheville. First of all, I would not get my
money back that I spent buying my loft. So this alone will make me wait until things
change whichI don't believe will be until late in 2009.

We have Spring (70's) these last few days but it's supposed to get somewhat
cold again. Not great for human beings as the temperature does a roller
coaster spin. However, everything is beautiful and blooming.

Would love to live in a bigger city once again but have no clue, still,
whereto go. I've always dreamed of Spain on the Coast but never been there.

American sucks!

Be well and take care of that ankle.




life is easy around here but boring; same old story all over again.
makes you want to escape to some faraway place for good. nothing
serious in my case. i have been little bit restless all my life. maybe
i should grow up? what does it mean? is it worth it?

yeah, the new number of economist came this morning. housing prices
has fallen during last year almost 20% in florida, california and
arizona. in new york number is 5.3%.

and fed is trying to save the financial system over there. i read that
they are studying the banking crises in nordic countries in early
1990´s if they can find the way to handle it. let´s wait and see...
but what goes down must come up; in the long run american economy
rises again and dollar is getting so hard currency that it´s very
cheap for you to move to spain. and housing bubble is about to burst
also there; so prices are going to fall there for sure.

now it is very cheap for europeans to travel to states.

by the way; i read that in central helsinki the apartments are right
now more expensive than beside central park west in nyc. of course
that can´t last long although the economists are saying that we don´t
have any housing bubble here in helsinki. not so sure about that. at
least housing prices are going sharply down in britain, spain and
estonia. and moscow is coming next...

i am travelling to italy in the beginning of june if my ankle stands
walking then. before that we can see bob dylan in helsinki. just
bought the ticket today; over 100 dollars (69 euros). have you ever
seen uncle bob during his never ending tour?

yes, my ankle is in the pack, has been four weeks, two weeks left.
then it is time to try to learn to walk again. wonder how it goes?

america sucks? i don´t think that situation is that bad. power to the
people and the things will work out! and boycott for the beijing
olympics (it helps to isolate chinese form the world market and rust
belt may recover...)

time to watch ice hockey again from tv. nhl from nasn and play offs of
finnish league from finnish tv. it´s the warm day out in helsinki. but
here i sit and wonder how i haven´t become more crazy with my ankle.

take care and keep cool!

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