American Stars and Bars

It seems like yesterday but it was long ago. I was young and wild and already going wrong into the deep waters. I found from the webarchive.org my old webpage from the mid 1990´s. Oh fuck, what a mess I had already at that time in my head!

Here is my some "poems" from my early impressions of America. Now I am compeltely diffrent and same. But now I understand that it makes no sense to say anything. At least when you´re serious. I just smile quietly when I read these "masterpieces":


this is your own personal Hellvision

only true hallucination
across the dizzy nation

it shoots you with Instant Banana
after that there is no need for marihuana

if you don´t love me
I kill you
if you don´t see what I see
I´m gonna torture U2

Follow me
I shall lead you to buyers paradise
losers life ain´t so nice
Put your trust in me
soon you will see
this great nation
in your own personal Hellvision

You can be the Scientific American
in your own personal tincan
in Hellvision even the humanoids
read the Consumer Reports
No mercy for stupid teens
no room for average gentlemen or ladies
This is the Animal Planet
remains of the life lived in Net

Enemy is dead
his blood was red
his eyes were like tunnels
we pumped him full of pills
Pills him kills
enemy forever sleeps

No fear for Aids
Gods last name is Gates
no hope for neutron bomb
everyone prefers cd-rom
No fear for carjack
everyone takes Prozac
Computer is blind
but there is always someone behind

Sex for free!
Money for hungry to see!
Cracked mind tied to PC
finds no way out from WC

End of Hellvision
no need for urination
Left is overdose
after that to heaven soul may goes

America Online

put your trust to America Online
there is always left the virtual mine
only one which us save can
is Demolition Man
he has no time for stories to tell
next he saves the Taco Bell

no need for Christ or nun
everyone counts to Top Gun
forget the New York Times
in real life we have only True Lies

no need for coke, U2, Jacko
our best friend is American Psycho
our neighbours name is Dow Jones
he is protecting our mobile homes

all over the world they make babies
in the name of the United Fruitcakes
no need for education or good genes
artifical intelligence means good jeans
shut up the People´s Voice
all you need is lovely semantic noise

do not be afraid to die
you can stick on Long Kiss Goodnight
Microsoft gives you the future
no more space for child and vulpture
if your parents are evil
we can send Phantom and Devil
do not pretend to be Maxwell Smart
your destiny is Wal-Mart

even the jews eat pork
when the next station is New York
some hope for all whores
soon comes another remix of Star Wars
forget the protocol
great fun lies in alcohol
but what happed to Eiffel Tower?
they rebuilt it as the biggest public shower

no money required
Visa Company never gets tired
take Route Sixty Seven
it is the last train to heaven
even the libraries refuse to loan the Red Pony
they also invest their time to Sony
no need for another broadcaster
Rex Mundi is the only master

Boozing Angel from L.A.

Angel came to my dream
that was a very good scene
We boozed through the jungles of LA
then we ended to Frisco Bay

When I wake up I was dead
there was no angel in my bed
I took my first drink
and I wondered what happened to the lady in pink?
Days went on
but my angel was gone…

His life and eyes

...his eyes were like a supermarket
hidden in the UFO
landed in the middle of wasteland
Big sale all the time!

… his eyes were unreachable
like the most hidden suburban life
faraway from the public transportation
Silence of the graveyard was the tune of separation!

… he lived in an age
where the economy meant crime
against the innocent hopes and dreams
He always took his share!

… his eyes testified the rise and fall of Silicon Alley
as well as the end of silicon bodies
He sold his Dow Chemicals at the right moment!

… he understood that there were no more place
for everyone on this boat
That was the jobless growth!

… his eyes stared patiently
how lavatories were getting dirty again
how much the computer lied
Every time the figure changed
someone died!

… he lived on the very Edge
but he never noticed anything special
Boredom was the feeling at end of the century!

… his eyes were filled with insects
he couldn´t see anymore
the mood swings of history on his screen
New life grew from his body and soul!

He was not afraid at all
he just took it easy in his underground bed

I suppose this is the very end
of this posturdu verse!


Because he dad to go for the pee
they left him alone
Later in the night an attack group
came to his place
It put the knife in to his ear
blood was circulating on the walls

He went to ER
but they just put the lights off
His was all alone in the darkness
He called the police
but it never took him serious
Some misunderstanding they proposed
There was nothing to do
he just sat there without doing any harm

During this his apartment
was completely destroyed
all the evidence if his loveones
was gone forever
He never had any clue
what was the Reason of all this
World just refused to accept his concern
Maybe there was too much everything on the air
and it was time to start burn again

He went to see the shrink
she laughed
so happy she was
"Maybe you´re SAD
or even ADHD"
She ordered him to stay
at his place quietly
Not answering to the calls
of those friends who left him alone
when he had to go for piss

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