Version 0.0

I don´t have any dreams, but I can happily do without. I life in the perfect happy world inside my head. I don´t know if here is anyone else left on this planet and I really don´t care. I go to gym, I go to swim. That´s enough for me. Let them have their welfare state, new trends in media, let them have all that shit. I can do without.

Only thing which is missing from my life right now is that whether here in Trouser Hill Area, AL is not good for bicycling. I just love my bicycle. It´s my friend and it understands everything I mean before I even think it. I think that everyone should invest their money to bicycles.

I´m beginning to see the light. For past two years it has been almost impossible for me to concentrate to read books. My life has been filled with all kinds of voices and noises. Maybe I am soon ready to shut them down and concentrate again to read all those 3500 essential books in my list before I can continue my happy sporting life here in Trouser Hill Area which is world famous for it´s lesbian waitress in Trouser Hill Bar who got fired after stealing money from the cash machine. Vietnamiese owners didn´t like that. They fired her even she tried to explain her crimes for her addiction to slot machines.

Justice won. Lesbian waitress refused to let me in so destiny fixed her out. There might be some supernatural party animal behind all this mess. You can call him Jesus, you can call him Buddha, you can call him whatever you like. Only thing which counts; she is out and I am in!

Days are getting longer, I am getting stronger. Today I´m gonna go to iceskating to Trouser Hill Arena. After that I´m gonna spend the lazy sunday afternoon with Sopranos. Today we are starting the season three. (We have watched 26 episodes and there is still 39 left.) In the evening I shall try to read Claude Lévi-Strauss´s "Tristes tropiques" in finnish because once was the time when I almost believed that structural anthropology stuff. But that was long ago. Now I can testify how stupid I was already in 1984, in the year of Orwell and Bowie...

Where are they now? All those young marble giants from my life? No one is left. Where they went? I don´t have any clue, I don´t have any need to know about what happaned to ´em. Sure thing is that everything went another way I thought it would go. People has left the apartment, apartment is also left behind long ago. I have abandonned many apartments here and there. How can they survive without me? Everything must go, but what the fuck it means when you head is starting to produce thoughts like this? It can be a syptom of the mental illness, or what they call that crap which is becoming oldfashioned as those funny farms where they cheated innocent lunatics in the name of Freud, psychoanalysis, tranquillants?

My head is empty. I can feel how the wind blows through it. It´s good to take a walk on the wild side to refresh your thinking machine before it gets too hot and you´re starting to imagine that there is more than ones and zeros in you brain system version 0.0. There will never be need to update your operating system.

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