Italian Tour 2008

Hot dry season has begun in Italy. Rivers are running low and tourist crowds are roaming all over. I am a tourist but I don´t like grand tourismo. But people like us always finds the remote quiet part of the town. So we did also during our Italian tour this summer...

On the most remote streets of Rome.

Bronx-Napoli all night long.

Naples Garbageland.

Naples is perhaps the most interesting town in Italy. It´s very peaceful in the downtown. But in the backstreets rules Camorra and the mountains of waste.

The view from our hotel in Amalfi.

Best part of Amalfi Coast starts from Positano and last all the way to Salerno.

Boys of Positano getting ready to look for he Big Fish.

Please, don´t step on Greta Garbo as you walk down the streets of Ravello. She used to hide also here like many other high class people of the past. Also Ezra Pound was here and Virginia Woolf before she went down to the river.

In the shadows of Sorrento.

Shooting in Campo di Siena.

Pride young guns of Siena.

Tuscany seen over the Siena skyline.

Campo di Siena. Montaigne said this is the most beautiful square in the world.

Vino drinking chianti in the old town of Siena.

Gondol Hell in Venice, Las Vegas of Europe.

Sunset in Venice.

Night time is the right time in Venice.

Looking for Ezra Pounds grave in cemetary island of San Michele. Instead we found the grave of Joseph Brodsky. Once he read his poems in Helsinki Festival. Now he is in the big sleep in Venice.

Peggy´s and his dogses grave in the garden of Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

Hanging around across the river besides the trees.

And of course the real story is behind the story...

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