St. Anger

One day you´ll find that something has changed. Things looks same but in the different way. You can see dark clouds on the way from the great annual forest fires of mother Russia. You can see peole getting ill from the smoke, you hear them die. And if you happen to ask yourself what is this place, what is this feeling inside of you, you might find the answer: anger, pure anger. You are back in the same place where you have stayed all these years without finding out where you´ve been.

City is same, but it´s not your friend. It has never been. And you see those human machines on the way to places and you just ask the reason for all this buzz? Can´t find any. If you´re clever enough you don´t ask more. Coz´ there is nothing more, except the anger, st. pure fucking anger inside of your head.

And then you take a ferry boat to the Island and take some photos of the city where you live, where you almost have been happy every once in a while. Then you sent some of them to Los Angeles Times: http://yourscene.latimes.com/mycapture/photos/Album.aspx?EventID=143844&CategoryID=18065

just for fun and without no purpose. Those big ferry boats are 20 years old and they are not going to build new ones. This sea is dead (world´s most polluted sea area), everyone has seen it too many times, except the wealthy cruisers wich are coming here because this place happens to be safe and on the way to St. Petersburg. People in this city don´t realize that they are living in the fastest growing economical area of Europe. But economy is not everything, pills and booze comes first and last. Shame of them, shame of us. St. Anger remains.

Angry man in the front of his cage in the Sea Fortress of St. Anger

You watch people coming from the ferry. Thet don´t know that you know that after 100 years they all are dead for sure. And they don´t even guess that someone is looking at them and thinking about this moment which is now gone forever.

Somewhere over the rainbow...or even nearer you might have a chance to find the clean place to breathe. This place is all dirty, even your memories from this sinking hell. I guess it´s about the time to change the continent and time zone again...

Maybe you´ll take it differently this time. Small is beautifull, they used to cheat themselves. Maybe your boat is going to be small one this time. Even if it is the smallest boat on earth it doesn´t matter if you just can get rid of St. Anger for good, pure fucking St Anger. Anger? What does it mean, where does it come from? Better just sail away as they did in that stupid old song which hit the charts.

Spiders and flies, they live and die.

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You make your point vividly. And clear.