Hello dear friend...

Hello dear friend..

I both decided to write to you.
My name: Svetlana
I want you warned, I of Russia, and I have a woman who just do not want a deception. As I heard a lot.
I wish you had warned once. I search for serious attitudes. I am looking for marriage and love. I do not play games. If you want to play with me, then do not write for me. If you are looking also for true and pure attitude then I shall wait with impatience your letter. I send you as pictures, and I hope to receive your replacement.
I hope we learn that the friend, best friend about the future. I will study, so you can help me, even with what we should do
Overall, it was easier for us.
I am a happy person love life and desire to be happy.
I of Russia, the city where I live, Moskow, I am very beautiful city. I do not really talk about the city. I love the city. I hope you, I of Russia should not be confused.
My birthday in May, 10 1980. I anniversary, it is very beautiful day to be happy again.
It is pleasant for me, I wish that we continue our friends that we have not lost our interest in us.
Dear friend, that our desire was great fun. It is nice to know we talk about a friend of a friend.
Forgive me please, but I should go. I wish you wrote for me more than I knew more about you.

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