Trans Atlantic November Self Evaluations

Hi Jussi....

Was sitting outside at Starbucks (7:30 AM) in our very (suddenly) cold weather -- the sun was so hot that I felt warm, even though it's only 30 degrees.

My ankle is finally healed and I'm back to being me.

Have been busy getting ready for my Big birthday party on Nov 17th. Did I mention that young friends (actually everyone coming is in his/her early 40"s) are traveling from LA, Manhattan to Asheville to celebrate with me. So look forward to seeing folks I haven't seen in around seven years.

The word 'old' is not part of my vocabulary despite the fact that I'll be 47. It's how we feel and think, Apila.


Hi there in the land of the Drought!

Just read from the Economist that there in America´s south-west you have exceptional drought during this year. Are you´re sure that you´re not running out of water? In fact I have visited your neighbouring state Tennessee couple of years ago. You know that stuff in Nashville on the Country Row, Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ol´ Opry...

In fact I am billion years young. And my back is still hurting. So I think that I´m not going this year to anywhere. But if/when this hellish pain goes away I think that I start to move again from city to city, station to station, lousy hotel room to another... I let you know when I go to Berlin. It´s only couple of hours flight from here.

In January I am going to surf aqua alta in Venice. I mean Venice, Italy on this side, not Venice Beach or that ultra aqua Venice in Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.

I also read from the Economist that there is lot of traffic on US borders right now; Canadians coming shopping because dollar is also all time low against Canadian dollar, unemployed non-registered Mexican workers going back (cos´they have lost their jobs on that subprime loan madness). Well, anyway I am coming to the Home of the Brave next year. I want to visit NYC again and my Bozz has to go to see her relatives in Boston. Maybe I´ll drop on by to see you there in Asheville, NC...

Here are some photos from the cold November Helsinki which I took yesterday. I shot them randomly when I walked in the downtown Helsinki coming from the AA. They are giving wrong impression because sun was only shining couple of hours in the afternoon. And then we were back in the cold November rain. Here it lasts forever compared to Guns´N´Roses old song...

Congratulations for your coming birthday! Long may you run, long may you run, as Neil Young used to sing.

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