Sailing Away

Preacherman came on the street and asked:
- What you´re going to do with your life, man? Been kind of wondering...
- I´m just taking it easy. I don´t have anyhing to lose or win, you see? You´ll better to concentrate your own miserable life with God, booze and lousy sideways of Helsinki town.

- I have heard that you are leaving again soon. They say in Trouser Hill Bar that you have the ticket to somewhere in that fucking Asia again. What´s the matter with your life? Is this town not big enough for you?
- Sometimes it is. But I just like to watch places. And I have the ticket for sure in the beginng of September and permission form the Boss to spend some time on the other side of the world.

- Well, it´s your choice. I shall never leave Trouser Hill area again during my life time. I have too many friends here, too many enemies. One day I´m gonna have my revenge for those who killed my kid brother by selling him too strong booze.
- It´s up to you, dude. But I´ll be back in January when the days are getting longer and darkness gives the way to the light in Trouser Hill area. But if my Boss wants me to come back earlier, I shall jump to first plane.

- Where are you heading this time, Clover?
- First I shall travel back to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. My plan is also visit Laos and Malaysia. But let´s wait and see what happens. Maybe I´ll end up to Tokyo...
- You´re not going to see Pattaya girls?
- I´ve never been there. And if I go there some day you´ll see dead man walking.
- You must be out from your mind. Sailors form Trouser Hill travel to Pattaya and Brazil whenever they have enough money. You know those litte sexy things over there...
- I know them too well. It´s not what I am looking for at this age.
- Let me laugh... What are you looking for then?
- Peaceful easy feeling, I guess. I just want to sit in some quiet place and watch the world go by.
- Sounds kind of boring to me...

- You just don´t understand anything else than you small world over here in Trouser Hills. Kind of limited perspective to planet Earth. Of course you have that God thing but it makes you even more miserable. Big Man has not been talking much to you lately...
- Shut up your big mouth or I shall kill you, fucking retard scientist. They kicked you out from the University of Fuckland. That was they best decision ever made!
- Might be. But they kicked you out long ago from the Kingdom of Heaven. Now you´re just roaming in the gutter in delirium and talking to walls. And of course they talk you back; they are your only friends.

- Tell me Clover, you still have those stupid fantasies about the jungle?
- They are not stupid. Of course I am going to jungle. Sometimes I feel that it is my only friend besides the Boss, capo di tutti capi. You see, I have a misson to fullfil over there.
- Yeah, smuggling dope...

- Preacher, what do ya think about climate change?
- Well, nothing to mention. Summer has been as shit as it usually is here in Finland. It has been raining too much. They can put that climate change up to their ass!
- Things could be worse. I saw from the SkyTV that there is flooding in England. All the fucking place is under the dirty water. Even Oxford where I visited in April.
- Couldn´t care less.

- Fucking shit. Cops are riding to Trouser Hill. I´m gonna beat it. They´ve been looking for me because of some false accusations made by the church for my money collection for the reastauration of the St. Peters in Rome.
- But you not catholic? You have collected money only for yourself to continue your boozing. You shall end up to jail or mental hospital.
- You shall end to the bottom of the sea. I can already see sharks tearing you apart. Or then you get lost in that jungle in Golden Triangle. Ants are eating all your flesh and the hill tribes are selling your skeleton to the British Museum. It proofs that God exits and extraterrestials have no chance at all on this planet. But now I must run. Be seeing you.
- Hopefully not. Give my best regards to God when you have next meeting in AA.

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