Corfu Story Short

Many places are built too full of hotels and restaurants. Corfu is not an exception.

Nowadays it is a totally different place than when I visited there in 1982. But I am different as well..

Still you can find beautiful landscapes and people from Corfu. And if you´re head is okei you can enjoy the place. In fact in this case you can enjoy all the places, even Helsinky.

Greek people are more quiet than the luigimacarones who lives on the other side of bay in Italy. That is one of the reason to go there. And of course food is excellent and ouzo (but don´t take to many; next morning you´re just feeling terrible...)

So many empty hotels and tavernas waiting for the tourists to come. Season lasts from July to September. During this short period you must make all the money. Rest of the year local people are just riding their motorbikes all over the Corfu Island. All the places are closed and waiting for the sun to come back.

I drank too much ouzo, too much everything. I swam and took sunbaths. I talked to local taverna people. They were sort of sad. That´s why I liked them. Island in the sun have always the dark side...

And when we reached back those beutiful balloons were still flying on the Helsinki summer sky. Nothing has changed and everyting has changed.

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