Buenos Aires Calling

This planet has came to very little place if you´re using these webthings (which I´m trying to get rid of and get my life back from the cyber space). And of course only language which matters is English. Here are the greetings from the great state of Argentina. They live on the other side of the world which means nowadays just across the corner.

Re: Good Stuff
Tanguism til Helsinky!

Other side of the planet. yes! but akis films are here a pearl.
Thank you for your comment! I hear sometimes our bruder tango: the finnish tango. very very strong feeling full with sensations and emotions.
Greetings from bsas.

very ve Tanguism til Helsinky!

People all over the world are staring these computer screens and for many this is the only life they feel worth of living. But so it goes; this is the way world organizes it´s communication structures. We have too much everything too close. Sooner or later this is the beginning of new kind of tragedies. But it´s not my concern. So many people has once born, now they sleep queitly in cemeteries of the planet. Soon is you turn to join the big sleepers and it doesn´t matter if you´re living in Helsinky, Buenos Aires, North Carolina, New York, Calcutta, Chiang Mai...

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