My Secret Life in London

After I returned to old Piccadilly I lived around the Trafalgar Square. London was busy rebuilding itself. I watched the buzz with my slow eyes and knew that after 100 years these ants are gone forever and nobody knows that they lived once. The new stronger ant population is still doing the same in this same place if Mother Earth still excists after climate change, overpopulation, tsunamis, human stupidness...

Centre of the business world lies nowadays in City of London. Wall Street is losing the touch. But in London you must move faster day by day to hang on. If you´re fast enough you might be able to hold your position. Otherwise you move backwards and that means disgrace, failure, end of your miserable life. You´re better start to run right now if you want to live in London. And you´ll better be fast!

Making of Breaking News in front of the Houses of Parliament. I tried to be polite but producer cut my comment out and declared the war against Finnish welfare state and television.

Football is the meaning of the cliff all over this polluted planet. Our chain gang playing in Hyde Park.

Scene of long ago lost world of aristocracy and royal bums from Westminster.

Taking it easy at Starbucks after heavy night life in Soho. I just can´t understand why we don´t have starbucks in Finland? Maybe we are too small, too faraway, too miserable nobodys? Maybe we don´t have enough bucks? Thank God we have that crazy little thing called ice hockey.

After swinging London we had to visit Oxford. I was thinking the surreal thoughts about the hangover in the same pub where inspector Morse used to solve the murder mysteries.

Hanging against the wall of the Oxford University after my lecture in Trinity College about the sex life of ants.

Come to Camden, sings Morrissey. In Camden Market you can still feel that those fucking hippies from Goa are still hanging on in this side of life...

Park life in Kensington Gardens in April 2007. After park life it´s time for your dark life...

In Chelsea night clubs you can meet the rich and famous. You´re better look cool! Orherwise you´ll end up to the low street...

In the early ours of ´68 we started to rock and we will never stop!

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