Welcome to the Jungle

My friend Speedy M. is in Chiang Mai for take me to the wierdest part of the jungle.

On the way to the heart of darkness we pass the house of American opium junkies from Rhode Island, N.Y.

Then we are in the middle of the grey area which belongs to the tribes and opium bands.

Girl from our camera crew.

Producer of Zeb TV´s Asian branch.

Truth lies behind the empty faces of Buddha masks.

Heat is on when we drive deeper into the jungle on the Burmese border.

The Village People.

Waiting for the enemy.

Tribal population in Thailand.

Winter flowers shines on us.

My little China girls messing around with me.

Enemy lives in this shandy town and we don´t let him to run from us!

Kalashnikov Monks.

On the waterfall.

Road gets narrower in the deep jungle before it ends.

This is the place I dreamed for years ago!

Our driver mr. Chang is keeping the guard while we are fulfilling our mission.

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