Chill Out in Chiang Mai

Somewhere in the queit side of Chiang Mai it is a good place to hide without no plans, no expectations, just chill it out with the fusion food and acid jazz. In the morning you better hide behind dark sunglasses so they don´t have a guess about that which you don´t have any clue, baby blue.

Time of the great annual Flower Festival. It lasts in this Buddha loving territory three months. Three months of fireworks, parades and crowds. Everyone tries to avoid Chiang Mai during festival season. But not me; I´m living on the gueit side of town.

People around here are also living they satellite fantasies. And of course somebody up there likes us! So we must send every night our greetings to satellite zone where the big engineers are making they moves to our destinies. First we take global warming, then we fix the whole universe.

In this Buddha loving country those fat boys with empty faces are staring you everywhere. You better be prepared to take your toy from your secret pocket if you hear they talking bad about you, mad boy.

Those tribal women are coming everywhere from the mountais of north and Golden Triangle. They are desperately trying to find they way out in this concrete jungle. They´re starving but so are we all in our own way. Thank God for Antabus tablets!

And if you just can´t make it straight there´s always a place for you in the Red Light District where the lights are low and you can see Thai boxing for free so long your eyes can stand from 8.00 am to dusk.

But the feast goes on, you beastie boy. This side of town is not for you. You´re too old for this shit. You have seen it more than enough. Better start to swim twice a day and be prepaired when the call comes from the jungle. This time you have the reason run through the jungle, thanks to my butterfly girl Anu Lovack which I met up in the Big North which is about 10.000 kilometres from here.

Of course your contact over here are keeping you informed about what´s up on the other side of the border. He says he is from New Zealand but it is not my fault. Dirty old man has spent over 30 years here. He never goes back to his home country. He says to me:

- If think you should stay over here for good. What the fuck you´re doing in Europe? Haven´t been there, but it sounds boring place to me. Here you can live like the king. If I were you I should move here permanently.
- Because I am not you I think there´s a small chance that god is still alive. You're still doing things that I gave up years ago...

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